List of Internet top-level domains with meaning

Domain extensions list with meaning

 This list of Internet top-level domain extensions contains all top-level domains, which are those domains in the DNS root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet.

1.) .com =>>>      commercial

2.) .org=>>>          organization

3.) .net=>>>          network

4.).int =>>>          international organizations

5.) .edu  =>>>         education

6.) .gov=>>>          government 

7.) in  =>>>            india

8.) .app  =>>>         Phone apps

9.) .audio =>>>          stereo/sound systems, music

10.) .bar   =>>>       Bars and related industry

11.) .biz   =>>>       business

12.) .buzz=>>>          marketing and social networking

13.) .cab  =>>>         cabs and taxi companies

14.) .careers =>>>          Employment

15.) .computer =>>>          Technology

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