Top 5 best earphones under Rs 2000 in India !

Top 5 Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 !

नमस्कार दोस्तों आज हम आपको बताएंगे  की Rs 2000 के अंदर ऐसे कौन से earphone है जिन्हें आप खरीद सकते है । जैसे जैसे समय बढता चला जा रहा है वैसे वैसे साथ में टेक्नोलॉजी का विकास देखने को मिल रहा है । आज हम टेक्नोलॉजी के अंदर earphone की बात करने जा रहे है जिसका इस्तेमाल हम फ़ोन पर बात करने के लिए और गाने या मूवी को सुनने के लिए करते आ रहे है ।

What is Earphone ? Earphone क्या है ? 

यह एक छोटे छोटे सुनने वाले उपकरणों की जोड़ी होती है जो किसी उपयोगकर्ता के कानो में या उसके चारो ओर पहने जाने के लिए बनाई  जाती है । इसका उपयोग एक ही उपयोगकर्ता को ऑडियो को सुनने के लिए अनुमति देने के लिए बनाये गए है । इसके द्वारा ऑडियो को सिर्फ वो ही व्यक्ति सुन  सकता है जिसने earphone को अपने फ़ोन से जोड़ा हो । 

Best Earphone that you can buy under Rs 2000 with mic.

                                                         Senheniser CX 275 S in earphones with mic

a.They are the first best earphones under 2000 rs in India.
b.Signature senheniser sound- high powered dynamic speaker system for great bass-driven stereo sound.
c.Premium comfort ear adapters in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambedient noise attentuation.
d.Highly aesthetic, erogonomic design.
e.2 year International warranty. 

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                                                    Sony MDR-EX250AP/B earphone with mic

a.It is second most popular earphone under 2000rs in India.  
b.Smartphone capable with inline remote and mic
c.12mm neodymium drivers for dynamic sound.
d.Comfortable,secure fitting silcone earbuds.
e.Lightweight for ultimate music mobility.

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                                                 Sony MDR-XB30EX earphone with mic

a.It is third top best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.Come pack with 13.5mm XBdrivers which pack powerful bass sound.
c.The cable has a serrated design presist snags and tangles, keeping your earphone knot free.
d.Frequency response range 4hz to 2400hz that ensure low or thumping bass,clear mid range and sharp treble sound.
e.1 year warranty from sony company.

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                                            Skull Candy S2PGGY-392 earphones with mic

a.It is fourth top best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.They are very comfortable to wear because of silcone gel ear tips that fits in ears.
c.They look elegant and feature a classy Combination of shapes.
d.It equipped with an incline remote with microphone.
e.They come with 1 year warranty.

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                                                        JBL T200A earphones with mic


a.It is fifth top earphones under 2000rs in India.
b.High performance Drivers.
c.Latex-Free silicone sleeves. 
d.Clear and powerful sound.
e.Erogonomically designed to provide a precise fit and incoporates three pairs of silicone sleeves with 3 different sizes.
f.1 year warranty.

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Best Earphone that you can buy under Rs 2000 

                                                Brainwavz Delta Silver IEM Earphones

a.It is the first best earphone under rs2000 in India.
b.Clear Instruments and vocals, suitable for any genre of music.
c.Clean and balanced bass response.
d.Light weight, sturdy, all metal housing.
e.3 button microphone and remote, works on iPhone and most Android phones.

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                                                          Sound magic PL11 Earphones 

a.It is the second best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.Powerful, punchy bass response Robust metal construction Comfortable, simple in ear fit Excellent Value
c.Big brand quality rivalling much more expensive earphones
d.Powerful bass without distorting the mid and high frequencies.
e.In-ear design coupled with the right eartips seal music in and noise out.
f.Sound Signature: Powerful, deep rolling bass without distortion.

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                                                  LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA Earphones

a.It is the third best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.Design: Earbud comfortable easily on ear canal.
c.Compatible With: Mobile.
d.Bluetooth Support: No | Wired.

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                                                          Dreaminex Bluetooth earphones

a.It is the fourth best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.Unbelievable sound quality.
c.The simple user interface on one of the earphones allows you to adjust the volume, pause, select songs and pick up calls completely effortlessly. 
d.These headphones are the perfect accessory for any workout activity.
e.WORKOUT-COMPATIBLE AND SUPERBLY COMFORTABLE; rubber adapters and unique design ensure that earphones always stay in place no matter your level of activity.

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                                                              Brainwavz XFIT XF-200

a.It is also best earphone under 2000rs in India.
b.Designed for sport, these in-ear earbuds are able to sit comfortable in your ears even while during the most intense of exercise regimes
c.The XF200 Earphones built in memory cables make it easy to be worn over the ear wear.
d.Brainwavz crafted headphone drivers deliver clear, chrisp sound
e.24 Month hassle free Brainwavz warranty
f.3 Button headset designed for volume, audio playback and call control, built to work with Apple iPhone and Android phones

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Disclaimer:-  We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

यदि आप चाहते है की आप Rs 500,1000 रुपये के अंतर्गत earphone ख़रीदे तो आप निचे दिए गए लिंक में क्लिक करके earphone के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त करके जो earphoneआपको पसंद आये है उनको आप खरीद सकते है । और पोस्ट को जरूर पढ़े । 

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